Trick or Treat
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Tonight was the night. After this moment, he would have it all. Heíd waited so long for this moment and nothing was going to stand is his way.

Dressed as Count Dracula, Alex stepped up to the front door, drew in a deep breath to calm his nerves, and rang the bell. Cindy Lou Beckam was going to be the one and the anticipation was nearly killing him. Of all the girls in Roddem High, she was the only one he thought worthy. It didnít hurt that she was new to the school and didnít have a single friend. It made it so much easier to talk to her to win her over. He imagined it wasn't easy coming to a new school let alone in your final year. And being shy certainly didnít help her to make new friends.

Cindy Lou Beckam. She was perfect. With her sweet angelic face, long blonde hair, big blue eyes, and a body that cried out to be touched. And, she was a virgin. It almost seemed like sheíd been handed to him when heíd needed someone so badly.

His pulse began to hammer as the doorknob turned and the door swung open. The instant he caught sight of her, his throat went dry. Dressed in a flowing white gown, fluffy white wings at her back and a gold, sparkling halo on her head, she was every bit the angel she dressed as. She couldnít have picked a better costume.



"You look good as Dracula."

She smiled at him, and his heart began to pound wildly. "Thanks. You look incredible as an angel."

Again, she smiled and sent his pulse soaring. "Aw, thanks. I have to admit, Iím a little nervous going to this party tonight."

"Thereís really no need to be nervous. Youíre going to have a blast." He held his hand out to her, and when she took it, he thought about what was in store for them both.

"Iíve never had alcohol before," she informed him, stepping out into the warm night, shutting the door behind her.

"You donít have to drink if you donít want to." Leading her to his beat-up Accord, he held the passenger door for her. He closed his eyes and drew in her perfume. He didnít know what it was but it sure smelled pretty. Rounding the car, he climbed behind the wheel and inserted the keys into the ignition. "This is going to be so much fun. Iím glad you agreed to be my date."

"No oneís ever asked me to a Halloween party before."

"Seriously? Wow. Well, Iím glad Iím your first." In so many ways.

"My parents are very strict. I had to sneak my costume into the house when they werenít home. I was so nervous today and I thought they would never leave for church."

He put the car in drive "Church, on Halloween? "

"They go ever year to pray for the souls that are misguided by this Pagan holiday."

He glanced her way, saw how stiffly she sat in her seat. "I donít know how you do it, living like that. I think it would drive me nuts."

"Itís all Iíve ever known," she stated softly, smoothing her gown. "I have to be home by ten, before they get home from church."

"Sure, no problem." He took the corner, headed down the street. "It must have been hard growing up that way and seeing all of the other kids going out, dressed in costumes, and getting candy."

"I often wished I could be them for even one day."

She sounded so sad. "I bet. Well, tonight you can make up for all those years you werenít allowed to have fun." He pulled up to the curb, squeezed between two parked cars, and turned the engine off. "And here we are."

"Wow, it looks busy."

"I think Seth said he expected fifty people." He leaned over, planted a kiss on her cheek. When she dipped her head down shyly, he smiled. She was so cute.

"Thatís a lot of people. I donít know if I can do this."

He took her hand in his, turned her to face him and smiled. "I promise I wonít let you out of my sight." This time he kissed her lips and though she felt stiff, he enjoyed the embrace nonetheless. "Ready?"

"No." She giggled.

He kissed her again then slid from the vehicle. Taking a few deep breaths as he walked around the car, he opened her door and held out his hand. She hesitated a moment before taking it.

"Trust me, this will be great." Linking his fingers with hers, he closed the car door then led her up the walk to the house. He was so nervous, so excited he thought he might burst. Not bothering to ring the bell, he opened the door, and the noise rushed at them like a blast of wind.

The loud drumbeat of ACDCís "Back in Black" was just what he needed to calm his nerves. The place was packed. People dressed in various costumes, some masked, some not, from devils to witches and everything in between.

It looked like everyone was here.


He clasped her hand a little tighter as he led her through the crowd. Spotting his best friend across the room, while making his way forward "Davy, howís it hanging, man?"

Dressed in a Grim Reaper costume, Davy waved a hand at his knees. "Down to my knees. So this is Cindy Lou."

Alex felt her tense and wrapped his arm around her waist. "One and only."

"Pleased to meet you." He held his black-gloved hand out to her.

Cautiously, she took his hand and nodded. "Nice to meet you."

"Sweet. Well, help yourself to whatever. Thereís plenty of it to go around."

"His parents allow this?" she asked as Alex led her through the room, saying hi to everyone they passed by.

"They always go on vacation at the end of October. They wonít be back until mid November. This looks good." Scooping a plastic cup from the table, Alex grabbed the ladle in the huge vat filled with some sort of orange liquid and filled the glass. He handed it to Cindy with a smile. "Try it."

Hesitantly, she took the cup and lifted it to her lips. She took a sip, her eyes watered and she began to cough. "Wow!"

"I know. Davy knows how to mix his liquor." He poured himself a glass, then taking her free hand in his, led her through the house.

"Iím not sure I belong here."

"Nonsense. Hey, Tina. Youíll love her, sheís a riot," Alex explained as he led Cindy through the crowd to Tina, who was sitting on the sofa, dressed in a French maid's costume and looking damn sexy. "I want you to meet someone special. Tina, this is Cindy Lou."

Getting to her feet, Tina flashed a killer smile, her red lips plump and glossy. "Cindy Lou. Youíre all I hear about from this guy." Tina slapped a hand on Alexís chest. "Nice to meet you finally."

"UmÖnice to meet you too. IÖuh, like your costume."

Why, this old thing." Tina ruffled her frilly skirt which barely reached mid calf. "Yours is cool. I like the fluffy wings."

"Thanks." Cindy sipped from her cup, glancing around the room. "I canít believe how many people are here."

"I know. Crazy, huh? Davy knows how to give a party. "

"That he does," Alex agreed. "Well, I want to show Cindy Lou around. Catch you later, Tina."

"You know it. Nice to meet you."

They wandered through the crowd with Alex waving and saying hi to those around him.

"That skirt was awfully short."

"If she wore anything longer Iíd worry the world was coming to an end. Youíre not drinking your drink?" He placed his hand beneath the cup and urged it to her lips. She took a sip, her eyes watered.

"I donít recognize anyone here, well, the ones without masks at least."

"Davy knows a lot of people outside the school. Hey, thereís Davyís big brother. You have to meet him. Heís the coolest person in the world." Alex tugged her through the crowd. "Steve, this is Cindy Lou."

Dressed as the Devil complete with pitchfork, Steve, ran his gaze over Cindy Lou, smirking. "Well, I guess youíre not a figment of Alexís overactive imagination after all. Nice to finally meet you, Cindy."

"Nice to meet you too," she stammered, then took a sip from her cup.

"We should probably get into a fight or something?

Cindyís eyes shot wide. "What? No, no I donít want to fight with you. Why would Ió"

"Relax." Steve touched her arm, smiled. "I only meant you being an angel, me the Devil. Good and evilÖ"

"Oh," She laughed. "Right." She blew out a long breath, drank from her cup. "UmÖIím not feeling so good, Alex. I think I need to go home."

He wrapped his arm around her waist, held her tight to his side. "The night is still young. Iíll find a bed for you to lie down in." He winked at Steve, ushering Cindy forward. "Davyís room is in

the basement. I think that would be the best place to rest. Quiet," he explained when she gave him a look.

"OhÖokay." She stumbled a little as she took the first step.

"Careful now." He set his cup on the steps, took hers and placed it beside his. He couldnít believe how easy this was going to be.

"I really think it would be best if you took me home." Her words slurred as she swayed down the steps.

"All you need is a little rest and youíll be good to go. Here we go."

"Itís so dark."

"Yeah, I donít know where the light switch is." But he did know where Davyís room was by heart. Leading her forward, he pushed the bedroom door open, ushered her to the bed. He set her down, then leaned in and kissed her lips. "You lay down and Iíll be right back. "

"I donít want to be alone."

He kissed her again, smiled. "Iíll be right back. I just want to let Davy know where I am. Iíll be right back," he reassured her before hurrying from the room. He took the stairs by twos, grabbing their drink cups on the way up. He found Davy in the kitchen flirting with a blonde in a skin-tight leather dress and legs that seemed to go on forever. "Sheís in your room," he whispered as he leaned in to Davyís ear.

"Perfect. Iíll go let the others know. Go change into your robe and then bring her to us."

"This is incredible! I canít believe itís finally happening!" Full of excitement, Davy ran up the stairs to the room Davy had designated for their robes. He pulled off his costume, and completely naked, slipped the black robe over his head. He drew in a few deep breaths before racing back downstairs. The main floor was completely empty and it made his pulse soar. Everyone was ready. It was up to him now.

Hurrying to Davyís bedroom, he flicked on the bedroom light, only to find the room empty. He heard something behind him, and turning, saw only a glimpse of black before the pain exploded in his head.

Alex woke to the soft sounds of chanting and the feel of cold steel beneath his naked body. Opening his eyes, blinking through the blur, he saw a mass of black all around him. "WhaÖwhatís going on?"

"Oh come on, Alex, you know perfectly well whatís going on."

Cindy Lou stepped into his vision, not as the angel heíd seen her as moments earlier, but this time, dressed in a blood-red robe. She smiled down at him, and he felt a cold chill slide over him.

"Tonight is the night we make a pact with Satan and call him to join us."

Alex tried to move, but found his arms and legs tied down by a hard rope that scraped his naked body as he struggled. "ButÖIím not supposed to be here like this." She was supposed to be in his place. That was the deal heíd made with Davy, priest of their coven. In order for Alex to be accepted into the circle of black magic, he had to provide a sacrifice. It had all been planned weeks ago. Alex had even written up his pact with Satan. Cindy Lou was a virgin, the perfect sacrifice to use to call his lord and master, to initiate his position in the coven. Then why was he the one tied to the slab?

"Yeah, about that." She leaned over him so closely he felt her hot breath on his face when she spoke. "Davy, my lover and trusted partner, contacted me several months ago to say he had the perfect sacrifice. A virgin who was willing to join the group, who was willing to do anything to be accepted. How could I resist?"

"ButÖyouíre the virgin."

She laughed as she straightened. "Oh sweetie, I havenít been a virgin for too many years to count. You are my first, though, in one way. Youíre the first of five sacrifices I need to call upon my master." She pulled a lighter from her robe. "Boys, line him with the candles."

"No, no, Davy. Stop. This isnít how itís supposed to go. Iím supposed to be the one performing the ritual to call Satan. Iím supposed to be initiated tonight," he pleaded while one by one, the people he trusted set black candles all around his body.

"Sorry, Alex, but this is how itís supposed to go. Do you seriously think I would have a nobody, a rookie, call upon our master?" Davy laughed as he placed a candle at Alexís head.

Heíd been duped, played a fool, lied to by his closest friends. "Iíll scream!"

"No one will hear you down here. You know that, Alex. Thatís why we set it up in my cellar." Davy patted his head. "But if it makes you feel better, go ahead and scream.

Flicking the lighter, Cindy Lou began chanting as she lit each candle.

"Please, I beg you. Donít do this."

"Donít worry, Alex, itíll be over before you know it." She tucked the lighter in her robe pocket, then lifted the ritual silver dagger. The flickering candle light glinted on the blade. "I call upon your name, Satan, the Lord of this Earth, the God of the Abyss! I call upon Satan to be witness to the first of five virgins I give to you as my offering!"

"No, no, please, stop." He winced when the blade came down over his chest, then screamed as the pentagram was cut into his skin. "Please, please stop," he begged as he bled, the pain nearly causing him to black out.

"Sshh, itíll be over soon." Taking a black quill, she dipped the tip in the blood on his chest, then signed the parchment at his side. "I sign unto you, a virgin soul, as my offering. Oh mighty master of the dark world, grant me the power to call you to me." Setting the pen down, she lifted the dagger once more, and, holding it over her head, smiled.

"No, no, please, please donít do this."

"In the name of Satan, I take this life."

His screams echoed in the dark room when the knife plunged deep into his heart.


A Spiritual Kind of Love
Free Story


This story is rated 2 flames. Love scenes are more sensual then graphic.

She didn't know why she was doing this. For Christ sake, kids dressed up for Halloween, not adults. But she'd never been able to say no to her sister, Cara, and best friend. So here she was, dressed like Cinderella, complete with tiara and glass slippers. Hell, if she was going to be forced to dress up for some silly child's holiday, then she was going to do it with class. The only thing missing was her fairy god mother and her coach.
Stepping out of the cab, Anna paid the driver, plus tip, then gathered her skirts and headed to her sister's house.

Cara had just bought the house a few weeks earlier and had insisted on having a house warming party on Halloween. Only her sister would devise such a plan. Anna wondered what Cara would be dressed as tonight and wasn't disappointed when she answered the door. Dressed as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, complete with bulging cleavage and long dark hair, Anna could only smile. Leave it to Cara to flaunt her assets.

"You made it. Oh and look how lovely you are. Do a spin for me."

With a delicate roll of her brown eyes, Anna did a quick turn for her sister.

"God, you are gorgeous. Bitch!"

Laughing, Anna leaned in to kiss her sisters cheeks. "Hey, you're the one who was blessed with all the boobs. Is that pasted to you or what?"

"Pretty much. Come on, I can't wait for you to meet everyone."

Her heels clicking on the hardwood floor, Anna was tugged along by her sister into a room decorated in cob webs, floating ghosts, ghouls and dim lighting. It was a perfect spooky setting and her sister had gone all out.

"Danya, this is my sister, the one I was telling you about. The Dancer."

The woman that stood to greet her was dressed as a corpse bride. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Ballet, huh? How in Gods name do you stand on your toes for so long?"

Anna smiled. She was always asked that. "Years of practice. I love your costume."

"Thanks, its how I feel most days."

"She's just bitter because her husband dumped her for a twenty year old big busted bimbo. Come on, I want you to meet Stan."

"I told you, Cara, no blind dates."

"He's gay, so stop your worrying. Stanley my dear, I want you to meet my sister the dancer."

"Do you have to announce me that way?"

"I'm proud of you, so yes, I do."

The gentleman that turned around was dressed as a pirate and could have been Johnny Depp's twin. Damn he was gorgeous. Why were all the good looking ones either taken or gay?

"Be still my heart, I think I've just become straight. So you're the famous dancer we've been hearing all about. Can you show me one of your moves?"

"Not in these heels. Another time perhaps."

"Come on, there are more people I want you to meet."

"Help me." Anna pleaded jokingly to Stanley but was tugged away before he could respond.
For the next hour she was introduced to at least a dozen people. When she finally managed to break free of her sister, Anna grabbed a glass of wine and took to the patio for some fresh air.

"Beautiful night, isn't it?"

She turned, a little disappointed that her peace had been disturbed. Until she saw the young man standing to her left. He was dressed in army fatigues, his helmet even looking smashed and bloody and as she glanced down she noticed the uniform he wore looking well worn and torn in some places.

"It sure is. And we should take advantage of it while its here. I heard the weather is calling for snow next week."

"I always like the first snowfall. It's so fresh, soÖvirginal, untarnished."

She cocked her head to the side. She'd never thought of it that way before. "That's an interesting way of putting it. My name is Anna."

"Roger. Cinderella at the Ball, right?"

She nodded, her lips curving up in a soft smile. "Looking for my prince charming."

"I think I saw him inside, leaning on the fireplace."

She laughed; she too had seen him. "Not so charming, trust me. That is such an authentic uniform. Did you borrow it from someone in the military?"

"No, it's mine. I'm in the army. I was stationed in Afghanistan."

"Really? I commend you. You truly are a brave soul." Though it was dark outside and she couldn't make his face out well, she could tell he had dark eyes and eyebrows and a soft face. "Are you home on leave?"

"In a way. So why Cinderella?"

"I figured if I'm going to dress up, might as well make it good."

"Must have cost a pretty penny?"

She shrugged. "You only live once, right. So how do you know my sister, Cara?"

"Cara's your sister. Wow. Yeah, now I see the resemblance. My brother, Mitchell works with her, and before I joined the Army we hung out a lot."

"How long have you been in the Army?"

"A while."

"And have you been stationed in Afghanistan the whole time?"

"No, my first tour was in Iraq. I'm a border guard."

She leaned her elbow on the wood railing of the patio, fascinated with the conversation. "You are so brave. I know I could never do it."

He shrugged thin shoulders in response. "So what is it you do, Anna?"

"I'm a dancer. Ballet."

"Ballet? How the hell do you manage to stay on your toes for so long?"

She laughed, catching him off guard. "Sorry, people ask me that all the time. It's not so hard when you've been trained to do so."

"Do you love it? Well, that was an utterly stupid statement. Of course you do or you wouldn't be doing it."

"Yes, I love it. I've always wanted to dance, even as a young girl. I begged my mother at three to put me in dance and the first time I put on my tutu, I was sold. I haven't looked back since."

"I can see the joy on your face when you talk about it. Can I see you spin?"

Obliging, she kicked her shoes off and grabbing her skirts, did a quick pirouette.

"Wow, you are graceful. Nice legs by the way."

"Thanks. Comes with the job." The commotion inside caught her attention and she saw with much horror that someone was disrobing. "Do you want to take a walk with me?"

"I would love to." He knelt down, lifting one glass slipper in his hand. "Ma'am."

Giggling, Anna lifted her foot and allowed him to slip the shoe on her foot.

"Perfect fit."

Laughing, she lifted her other foot and slipped into her shoe. "I dreaded coming to this party tonight, now I'm glad I did."

"I'm glad you did too." He held his arm out to her and when she took it, he led her away from the house. "Full moon."

"And a clear sky. Perfect for Halloween."

"This place is incredible. She even has a boat house."

"My sister really went all out with her first home."

He opened the boat house door for her and she stepped into the darkness. "Let's see if we can find some light."

She waited by the door while he moved about in the tiny room and when a lantern flickered on; she let out a breath of relief.
"Much better. Care for a dance?"

She took his hand and was shocked when he spun her into his arms. "Wow, looks like you have some moves yourself."

"I do indeed. I love to dance," he said with a smile and dipped her. His helmet fell to the floor with a clunk and as he lifted her, she saw that his hair was short and dark and coated on the side with blood.

"I must say, you did an incredible job with your costume." He spun her out, then pulled her back into his arms. "And you're making my head spin."

"I was lost, but then there was light and I saw you."

"Ooh and a smooth talker." And he was making her heart beat in a quick jerky rhythm.

"I'd like to kiss you."

"I think I'd like you too." His hands came up to cup her face in his palms, and as he drew her closer, tilting her head to the side, the touch of his lips made her body quiver. He deepened the kiss and she went eagerly into his arms when he drew her closer.

"Oh, you are making my head spin."

"Too fast?"

"Hell no."

When he took her in his arms, capturing her mouth with his, she let herself go. His hand skimmed to the back of her dress to lower the zipper. She felt the material spread as the zipper opened. His mouth left hers only to trail along her neck. He made her shiver and when he slid the dress below her breasts, her body became electric.

"I've never made love to a dancer before."

"We have incredible stamina."

His lips curved up with a sly smile. "Is that so?" He pressed her backwards towards the cushioned bench beneath the window. Drawing her dress down, he let out a low whistle. "Definitely gorgeous legs."

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

"You only live once." He reminded her, then pressed her down onto the bench.

She held her arms out to him, welcoming him to her breast. His mouth was warm as he suckled and when she heard the zipper of his pants lower, she opened even more.
Their eyes met as he entered her and she saw for the first time the sheer beauty of the man. His face was soft and looking so incredibly young. As he pushed himself deeper, she closed her eyes and let out a long, soft, moan.

He moved so languidly inside of her, she thought she might go mad. When his mouth lowered to her breast, she arched to allow him more.

"Dear God, Roger." Her body erupted like a long stilled volcano and when he thrust himself deeper, she felt his release as it cooled her molten fires.

He collapsed on her breast and she smiled. "I don't want to leave, but I'm sure my sister's looking for me."

"I wish we could remain like this forever." He lifted his head and when he kissed her, she felt her heart give.
She stood as he lifted off her, feeling regret at having to stop. She dressed with his help, then took a deep breath before stepping outside. "I could make some sort of excuse and leave early. We could go back to my hotel room."

"I have to leave soon." He explained as he walked her back to the house.

"Oh." She said with disappointment. The silence in the house caught her by surprise and as she walked towards the patio doors, Roger released her hand.

"I'll never forget you, Anna."

Baffled, she cocked her head to the side and when her name was called, she turned to see her sister running towards her, tears streaming down her face. "What's the matter?"

"I've called off the party. Oh it's so tragic."

"What's tragic, Cara? You're worrying me."

"Mitchell just called me. His family just received word. His brother Roger was stationed in Afghanistan. He was killed in a roadside bombing this morning."

"Roger? No, no that can't be, I was just with him."

"No, no, that's impossible, Anna. Roger is dead."

Confused, Anna turned to Roger who stood in the shadows. When he smiled at her, lifting his hand to his lips and blew her a kiss, her heart sank.
You only live once, she heard echo in the night as he disappeared before her. And a single tear slid from her eyes.